Additional Documents

This is a sample list of some of the items we ask businesses for during the processing phase of their loan application. Please note that not all businesses are required to produce every document listed. The purpose of this list is to serve as a guide of possible items that may be requested during your application process.

  • Income Statements & Balance Sheets (3 Years)
  • Cash Flow Projections – 2 Year Pro – Forma (Projections)
  • Business Tax Returns – (3 Years)
  • Business Plan
  • Business Executive Summary
  • Detailed Description of Business Assets With Estimated Values
  • Copy of Life Insurance Policy
  • Copy of State Issued ID
  • 60 Days Complete Business Bank Statements
  • Copy of Lease Agreement
  • Interim Business Income Statement & Balance Sheet (90 Days or Newer)
  • Assumptions to Projections
  • Personal Tax Returns – W-2’s (3 Years)
  • Occupational Licenses (City/County)
  • Current Corporate Filing
  • Social Security Card
  • New and/or Existing Contracts
  • Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws
  • Accounts Payable & Receivables
  • Copy of Business Insurance
  • Copy of Worker’s Comp Insurance
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