Director of Credit Administration

Marcus Cowans, Director of Credit Administration, joined the BBIF team in January 2022. His responsibilities are to manage the credit risk of the BBIF’s loans and loan portfolios, manage and direct the commercial underwriting staff, help to develop, and modify lending policies, analyze customer portfolio data, report customer credit information and to help creditors acquire loans. His vision is to limit bad debts and keep the credit department coordinated with the lending department to simplify decision-making.  He is a morally driven leader, who undertakes and understands complex assignments, meets tight deadlines, and delivers superior leadership and service. He has over 15 years of experience in banking/financing, with 10 years of experience in credit underwriting, and credit analysis. He has worked with a wide range of business loan products including commercial real estate, and SBA loans. Marcus is proficient in customer/member service and relationships with business owners, in accomplishing a common goal. Prior to working for BBIF, Marcus has worked for banks and credit unions in the Central Florida area as an operations and business department manager.  Marcus has a BA degree in business administration from Morehouse College, and a master’s degree in management from Troy University. He also holds certified lending certificates from the CUNA and NAGGL school of business lending fundamentals, credit analysis, and accounting principles.