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The Support Your Business Deserves

We know that one size does not fit all. Our customers’ success stems from matching businesses with the money and coaching they need to succeed. We work to understand the uniqueness of your organization and vision so we can support you on the road to growth and sustainability.

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We Specialize in Providing Access To Capital and Business Training to Underserved Communities

We work closely with you to help you build your bankable profile. After successfully moving through our loan and training program, our clients often move on to qualify for loan products from traditional banks!

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business, veteran owned business, business impacted by a recent hurricane, a contractor, a profitable start up, a minority owned business or more, BBIF Florida is here to help your business get the jump start it needs for a successful future.

BBIF Florida not only taught me about my numbers, but taught me how to maximize the space in my salon and now my business is self-sufficient. Thanks to the Roundtable sessions, my business is ran not just on passion, but on smart business strategies!

Lesline Powe Barton, Owner | Hair in Motion

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Our Simple Application Process is Designed With Your Business in Mind.

BBIF Florida is an equal opportunity provider and community development financial institution. This means we are able to partner with business owners that traditional banks have turned down.

In order to provide the highest level of service, we invite you to complete our brief pre-qualification form online. Tell us some of the basics about you and your business so we can evaluate your banking profile, and consult with you the best way forward.

Note: We do NOT ask your credit score or review credit at any point during the pre-qualification stage.

Pre – Qualify

Need help organizing your banking profile? Learn about our Business Management Training Program here.

Up to 3 business days after completing your pre-qualification form, one of our Community Development Lenders will review your submission and consult with you on the next steps of the application process. Depending on your business’ profile, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. You are ready to apply! We will invite you to apply using our online application.
  2. You are almost ready to apply! We will invite you to join our Business Management Training Program to help you improve your business financial profile.
  3. More development is necessary: We will direct you to local resources in the community to help you develop your business plan and financial profile.

Pre – Qualify

If we review your pre-qualification submission and find that your company might be a good fit, we will invite you to complete our simple online application. You will need to complete the entire loan application, upload all supporting documents, and pay your application fee in order for our team to process your application. Call our office at 407.649.4780 and one of our helpful community development lenders can help walk you through the process.

Our application will require you to upload several supporting documents. If you did not upload these documents during the pre-qualification stage, they will be mandatory in online application.

Mandatory support documents for all businesses include:

  • Personal federal tax returns for the last 3 years. Please include returns for each principal of the business.
  • Business Tax returns for the last 3 years. Please include returns for each principal of the business.
  • Profit and Loss Statement for the current calendar year through the most recent full month; statement will need to include a Balance Sheet.
  • Resumes for principals and key management personnel.

Additional documents may be requested on a case by case basis. You can see a list of common support documents that may request here.

Please note: every business is different, and different supporting documents may be required based on the individual circumstances of the loan request and business. This stage is part of our secret-sauce to understanding critical elements of your business and being able to think outside the box.

Pre – Qualify

As a non-traditional lender, our underwriting process can take up to 2 weeks. We seek to work with our clients, holding their hands through the process, and search for creative solutions to meet their business loan capital needs. During the underwriting process, your loan officer may meet or speak with you several times to become better acquainted with you and your business.

Pre – Qualify

Our loan requests are subject to the approval of our loan committee, which provides final approval to all of our loan packages. Once your underwriter receives the loan committees approval, the loan will be ready for closing.

Pre – Qualify

Based on the terms of your approval, we may request additional conditions and contingencies, which must be met prior to loan funding.

Pre – Qualify

Our Business Management coaching is the cornerstone of our 30+ years success and low loan loss numbers. We ensure that our clients receive the financial literacy coaching and business management tools they need to make sound financial decisions to grow their business.

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