A note for our businesses and investors.


Our mission is to develop & promote Black business enterprises through education, training, loans, investments, and other activities & to aggressively promote an atmosphere conducive to their development.

Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF) was established out of Florida statute through the Florida Small and Minority Business Act of 1985. BBIF was created in 1987 and headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The organization was started as a loan fund to support the creation and expansion of Black businesses by providing them loans, education and training. The organization was funded through a partnership of banks, the state of Florida and local governments. In 2009, BBIF expanded its loans and technical training services statewide providing loans and technical assistance training for African-American, other minority and underserved businesses.

BBIF is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), private non-profit loan fund that specializes in providing loans and financial technical assistance services to Black, minority & underserved small businesses throughout Florida.

How to Invest With BBIF

Institutional, individual, public and/or private investors who care about the economic and social impact of their investments place funds in BBIF at or below market-rate, creating loan pools of capital dedicated to underserved minority communities. 

BBIF then provides flexible and reliable capital to black, minority and underserved businesses to assist businesses who otherwise would not be able to receive funding from traditional sources.   This process provides viable businesses the access to capital they need to create and retain jobs, purchase real estate, and grow their businesses.

Investment Management

BBIF manages our investors’ capital according to stringent guidelines established by our years of lending experience and through the help of our banking partners who serve on various committees. Security is provided by the loans funded, collateral from borrowers and loan loss reserves.

BBIF is a member of the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN). OFN  the leading network of community development financial institutions (CDFI’s). 

BBIF is rated by AERIS™, the CDFI Assessment and Rating System, a comprehensive, third-party analysis that provides guidance to investors and donors.