Director of Compliance

Donna Dingle, Director of Compliance, joined the BBIF Team in 2009. She is responsible for compliance reporting and monitoring functions, ensuring that all contracts requirements and obligations are identified, audited and adhered to in staff’s day-to-day internal operations and practices and in our procedures and processes. Her areas of responsibility included policy development and implementation.

 Responsibilities also are to ensure that all identified data information is included on all credit underwrites and initial assessment documents and has been entered into the administrative software system for all loan credit and technical assistance clients, respectively; and that all loan and technical assistance client files are complete with the identified checklist documents. She also serves as the Collections Director, responsible for performing loss mitigation and recovery of delinquent and charged-off loans to minimize loan losses and maximize the recovery of assets. Mrs. Dingle has over 30 years’ experience in administrative operations in the financial services and banking industry.