Regional Director, South Florida

With over thirty (30) years’ professional experience in Finance and Accounting there has been noteworthy experience successfully managing loan portfolios reflecting text-book perfect financial statements. Mr. Miller has a BS in Accounting and an AA in Business Administration; as well as, a year-and-a-half-long commercial banking training program to include commercial financial statement/ratio analysis, financial projections/modeling and profitable commercial loan portfolio management training. The development of contract documents, budgeting, forecasting, financial modeling with a high frequency of favorable variances, adhering to specs/scopes in the public and private sectors for the deployment of grants, loans, leases, and investments to facilitate borrowers, lessees, federal, state, local governments and stakeholders has been a constant during an over thirty-year career.

Career Details: 

Eighteen (18) years of experience garnered while serving as Vice President of Loan Operations; then, President/Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the former seventh largest non-profit entity in Florida, BAC Funding Corporation and Affiliates. The entity is a US Treasury Department, Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that managed grant funds from Miami-Dade County’s Revolving Loan Fund deploying loans/grants from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for public-private initiatives; namely, the “We Will Rebuild” initiative. Grants requested and received from banks, Miami-Dade County, HUD, US Treasury, and the State accounted for via modified fund accounting models, projections and budgets developed. Successful annual, quarterly, and monthly submissions of financial statements made to/with municipalities, state agencies, Department of the Treasury, the CDFI’s board of directors, Loan Committees, banks, and stakeholders. 

In 2004, while serving in the role of owner/developer, as president of the non-profit CDFI, a 200,000 square foot, class B office building financed with tax-free bonds was developed via the RFP process. The CDFI conveyed the building to Miami-Dade County via an NNN lease. Progress payments were facilitated via equity created during Mr. Miller’s tenure. Subcontractors, most of which current borrowers of the CDFI were financed via advances by the CDFI.

Expertise is primarily related to stakeholder presentations, construction accounting, grant management, fund accounting, loan ledger accounting, loan servicing, credit/capacity analysis of borrowers/investment opportunities via financial statement/ratio analysis; progress payments/G702 Applications for Payment and review. There is proficiency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Moody’s RiskAnalyst, contracts, loan/grant documents preparation via PDF. Also proficient in Black Knight MSP, LoanLedger, SalesForce and PaperVision.

Proficient in writing, collecting, administering, and accounting for grants from Banks, Federal, State, and local governments while serving as COO of the profitable, non-profit CDFI – receiving unqualified opinions on audits each of the fourteen (14) years under management. Board book, financial reporting, board meeting preparation and presentation skills exhibited.

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