Director of Marketing

Rhema Nnadi, Director of Marketing, joined the BBIF team in 2018. Her responsibility is to strengthen BBIF Florida’s brand equity through marketing, advertising, public relations and sponsorships. Her vision is to ensure that all black, minority and underserved businesses of Florida understand the tremendous resource that BBIF Florida embodies as they strive to achieve their goals.

She has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, sales, operation and leadership. Rhema is proficient in advertising, brand development, sales and marketing integration, SEO, SEM, Google analytics, social media marketing, digital marketing, lead generation and database management, as well as organization development and agency management.

Prior to her work with BBIF Florida, Rhema was Director of Marketing for an international marketing agency based out of Doha, Qatar. During her tenure in the MENA region, she built the digital and branding agency from the ground up working with elite fitness and lifestyle brands and established several prestigious clients including the Qatari government and royal family. Rhema is one of those fortunate individuals who gets to do what they love for a living.  Marketing is an ever-changing field and she enjoys the strategy, complexity and creativity that the work calls for.

Rhema has a degree in BS degree in Marketing with a certificate in Sales from the University of Central Florida. She is also a certified life coach with a passion for working with others who experience obstacles as they seek to find their passions.