BBIF Client Spotlight: HCP of Central Florida

HCP of Central Florida offers homemaker and companion services to the elderly and adults with disabilities. Business owner Heidi Peters was introduced to companionship work through her experience working at a local public school when a parent commented on how caring and thoughtful she was when dealing with individuals with disabilities. she took that parent’s suggestion and looked further into the Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) field. 

After two years of offering at-home services, Heidi decided to open a residential facility. Currently, the HCP team only supports adults, but Heidi is in the process of opening an independent living home for children as well. 

While expanding HCP’s business services and facilities, Heidi experienced many challenges. Some of the challenges included: employee burnout and business overhead costs outweighing the profit. 

In 2014 Heidi began researching institutions that provided MicroLoans and discovered Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF). When she initially began the lending process many emotions washed over her- fear, intimidation, self-doubt- however, the BBIF team was able to wash all of her worries away. The support BBIF provided helped Heidi feel comfortable through the entire process. 

Since HCP of Central Florida’s first loan financed through BBIF, Heidi has fully been immersed into the BBIF ecosystem. Her business has received a Paycheck Protection Program Loan, Grant Funding, and a MicroLoan. Despite the critical access to capital, she received through BBIF, the service that Heidi appreciates most is BBIF’s Managerial Consulting. This FREE service offered to clients allowed Heidi to increase her business acumen, maintain her staff, and grow her business. 

“BBIF truly understands the needs of small business owners. I am beyond grateful for their team in making me feel comfortable and like a priority throughout my entire loan process. I will continue to recommend this organization because of the great customer service provided.” – Heidi Peters