BBIF Client Spotlight: Bennett Law Center, LLC

Bennett Law Center, LLC is a business founded and operated out of purpose. This law practice focuses on immigration law and estate planning with a mission to help families and businesses achieve the American Dream. After enduring her husband’s lengthy immigration process for ten years and paying over $30,000 in legal fees, Bridgette Bennett, business owner and founding attorney, decided she did not want any other families to experience this turmoil. She immediately quit her job in corporate America to begin pursuing her new purpose, opening her practice in early November of 2011.

So many minority-owned businesses experience difficulty accessing capital for business expansion. Unfortunately, Bridgette experienced similar circumstances when applying for a commercial mortgage loan at a traditional bank. Bridgette’s broker informed her that there was nothing that their institution could do for her and recommended she try a nontraditional financial institution, like BBIF. After becoming connected with a BBIF team member, Bennett Law received access to BBIF’s core services capital and business coaching. Using these resources, the firm transformed over the last seven years.

She has received several loans through BBIF since 2014, such as the SBA Community Advantage Loan, micro-loans, and most recently, a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. With the funds that she received from the PPP loan, Bridgette ensured that her team of twelve employees remained on the payroll.

Pairing the capital she has received from BBIF over the years and Technical Assistance CEO Consulting, she now operates her business in the eyes of a business owner, not as an attorney. Bridgette gained this perspective from attending BBIF’s monthly roundtable sessions. Each session challenged how she viewed her finances and allowed her to have strategy discussions with a team of skilled experts that want to see her business succeed. 

Thanks to the support from BBIF’s Roundtable sessions, Bridgette can take on a more administrative role at her company and focus on her business’s growth.

“BBIF is my life support; I went there for a loan, but what I received through consulting was more valuable than money alone could ever be.” – Bridgette Bennett