Orlando Communications Company Receives Business Loan for Commercial Real Estate Acquisition

Joseph & Phylisa Dever of Kingdom Communications, LLC operated from their home office for over 10 years. With a passion to expand their business, they moved into a commercial office rental. Just a few years into their new space, their landlord offered to sell them the property. Commercial real estate ownership was a long-time goal for the Deevers, so they jumped at the opportunity.
Acquiring the property meant obtaining a loan of $340,000. Unfortunately, they could not get approved for a loan from a traditional bank due to overextended credit. The Devers quickly connected with the BBIF team, who helped them get the flexible and responsible capital they needed to become commercial real estate owners.




“Thanks to BBIF Florida for their support, training, and capital. Owning our building has transformed the way we do business and gives us the opportunity to expand and grow our company.” – Phylisa Dever, Co-owner