Dr. Juan Carlos Amesty is a Hispanic American and founder and president of Central Christian University (CCU). Dr. Amesty formed CCU in 2005 and has held a lifelong mission to provide professional services to the community.

As a local Christian University located in the Pine Hills community, CCU has a commitment to improve the Orlando community through education & social services. Through their recent acquisition of their facility, CCU has an opportunity to continue to expand on their foundations, making long-term impact in their community.

“BBIF Florida’s Partnership with Fifth Third has empowered us to invest in companies like CCU who provide imperative social services like education to underserved communities”. – Inez Long, President/CEO, BBIF Florida

The NMTC financing of $1.3 million dollars came from an allocation given to BBIF Florida by Fifth Third Bank in 2018. In addition to this below market rate loan, BBIF Florida provided a business loan of approximately $100,000 to help the company with improvements related to hurricane resiliency.



“We believe in the people of this community; our goal is to uplift them through education and social services. This community investment has empowered us to uplift families, educate the community, and encourage economic opportunity.”

Carolina Amesty, Special Advisor to The President, Central Christian University